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A Letter to Myself.

This is a letter for Me to read in a years time:


Dear Me,
Today was your first official day of employment at -. It was the day you received your lanyard, your badge, your swipe care with your photo ID and employee number on it. You could finally hold these tangible items in your very own hands, proof that you made it, you did it! You were successful in getting your first preference for your Graduate year, and today was your official orientation day.

You were so scared you couldn’t even sleep. Not figuratively. No, you literally did not get even one hours sleep throughout the whole of last night. Your tummy felt like there was a swarm of bees inside of it, like you could throw up at any given moment, or maybe like your stomach might even fall out of your rear. It was a frustrating night, too. You tried so many different tactics to get yourself to sleep. You attempted about 5 different breathing exercises, you tried to meditate, you even tried to picture waves rolling and then crashing, matching the motion of the water to your breaths. This was the most annoying because usually this is the tactic that works, but was to no avail last night. Your mind wouldn’t stop running, and you were so annoyed that you couldn’t convince yourself to relax and nod off for even just a little bit! You knew you were over-reacting, it was only orientation! When it got to 5:30am, Tyson said the two of you may as well just get up anyway, as your alarms were only 10 minutes away from going off.

You were so nervous about the possibility of arriving late that you ended up leaving the house at 6:20am, getting to your tram stop at 6:50am, and arriving at the hospital at 7:20am. Sure, you weren’t late, but you were over an hour early! Maybe throughout this year you can learn to stress-less and take things a little more easy, hey?

The orientation day was long and tiring, even though you mainly sat and listened to different staff members talk to everyone about important aspects of the job you will soon be doing. You were so relieved and thankful to have one familiar face going into the graduate position with you, a friend, something to make the whole ordeal just a tiny bit less stressful. All of the staff and other graduate nurses and midwives that you met were so lovely, each and every one of us a little bundle of nerves and excitement!

Today, you made your first step into your transition into practicing independently as a nurse, and you made it through the day! You were so excited to begin your year at this hospital, a place that you felt connected to as soon as you looked into it. Your nerves were so high but you couldn’t wait to be in PACU, and to rotate through your clinical areas throughout the year, seeing and experiencing so many amazing moments, helping so many people in such vulnerable, fragile, unique and truly special times in their lives! You were so hopeful and so sure that by the end of your graduate year, you will have found your niche and you will be loving every single part of your job.

You don’t expect to have a bump-free ride, or to be completely perfect at everything you do, as you know that people are people, and sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we find things challenging, but I hope that you aren’t too hard on yourself, though take every piece of feedback, criticism and each & every hurdle along the way on-board and work your hardest to do the best you can, as that is all you can do.

Goodluck Rubes,
Enjoy your year.



2 thoughts on “A Letter to Myself.

  1. Yes, when you have achieved your goal (and you will!), you will look back at this, and then you can finally say “I did it”!

    Sorry, got caught up in the mood there… nice concept! Wish you success, for the present you, as well as your future self 😀


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