The First Week..

I have successfully made it through my first week of my graduate degree.
I have sat through two days of general orientation, spent a day being orientated to theatre, and then spent two days of supernumery in Recovery/PACU (Post Anaesthetics Care Unit).

The first week seemed like an enormous overload of information, but there were so many moments when I experienced new things, or just observed them, when I was so excited, amazed and sure that I was in the right place and couldn’t wait to be getting more involved.

Recovery seems like such a nice place to work. The care that is given is so different to ward nursing, as you only focus on a single patient at once. Of course, I was only given very basic patients to help out with as I am only just beginning and I had so much support. Over my two days of supernumery, I was able to wrap my head around exactly what was required of me in Recovery, and how I am meant to plan my time with each patient.

It was so strange finally being able to administer medications by myself, without needing someone to supervise or co-sign on the paperwork. I felt so proud, but also nervous, the first time I had to sign my name, initials and position on a form, and got to write “RN1” instead of “student nurse”.

I can’t wait to continue my time in Recovery and work up towards taking on patients independently and being able to handle more intensive cases as I go.


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