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The real “first day”..

This past week, some really important things have happened, multiple actually, now that I reflect. I have accomplished a lot, I have felt a variety of emotions, I have worked hard and I have come out the other end of it, just fine.

Let me start from the beginning. Or actually, let me start from Thursday (not at all even near the beginning of the week, but definitely where my significant instances started).

Thursday was my first day off supernumery. As in, Thursday was the first day that I was walking into Recovery as a completely independent nurse, working and making important decisions by myself, without someone standing next to me, supporting, encouraging or correcting me. On Thursday, I had to take a huge step up in my nursing career.
(For those of you who may be stumbling across my blog for the first time, I am completing my graduate year as a Registered Nurse. I am not a student, I am a fully qualified nurse, getting paid a normal salary. But, I have just graduated, and am transitioning into working, and so, being part of a graduate program means I get extra support to help me transition from student to independent nurse. Also, “supernumery” = time spent working alongside other nurses, where I am not allocated any patients for myself.)

I was scared. Shit, was I scared. What was annoying about the situation, was that all of Wednesday I thought I was totally fine with it, but as soon as I started trying to go to sleep that night it hit me. And then sleep was not even an option. Nope, my brain went into panic mode and I got up at 5:30am on Thursday feeling stressed and oh-so sleep deprived. Great!
I walked into Recovery and just dealt with it. I went over all of the important things I would need to remember when caring for a patient by myself, and when a patient came in that was allocated to me, I got up and got started and I slowly worked my way through everything that needed to be done to make sure that patient was okay and ended up leaving recovery safely. Yes! I did it! It took me a while, and at times I was nervous, but I got through it, and I walked out of that bay after the patient left, and I was so proud of what I had just done, by myself, successfully!

For the rest of the day, I continued to take patients by myself. Of course, I ran into instances where I needed some assistance, and I asked for help multiple times, but that’s all a part of developing, isn’t it? I was able to get all of my patients pain and nausea under control and send them out of recovery in a safe way, and for that, I am so proud. I know that I am only just beginning, and I have a lot more to learn and will develop greater skills as I go, but for where I am now, I am happy and I think I am doing a good job.

I’m excited for my next shift by myself (which will be tomorrow), and for the rest of the year, and even the rest of my nursing career. I cannot wait to see how much I grow and where nursing takes me!

Ruby Lila x


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